The Head of Livestock is a full-time position in which the individual oversees all livestock operations at multiple sites of Ebert Enterprises. This individual would manage 65 individuals, consisting of both direct and indirect reports. A successful individual would be one who is strong at delegating and providing clear direction, holding individuals accountable, with a high sense of self-motivation and attention to detail.



  • Management experience of at least 1-3 years is required, associate or bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English is preferred not required, the ask would be a willingness to learn Spanish
  • Lead and hold others accountable to animal husbandry guidelines
  • Enjoy working with animals, leading top-quality animal care
  • Ability to manage, motivate and hold multiple teams and team members accountable
  • Awareness of the work environment to lead safe work practices
  • Required experience with Dairy Comp 305 management software
  • Ability to work with Microsoft Office Suite required
  • Ability to multi-task and adapt to change
  • Tolerate working in varying cool and warm conditions



  • Create, maintain, and train employees in proper standard operating procedures
  • Communicate, resolve issues, provide direction, coach and give feedback to team members
  • Perform 90-day and yearly evaluations as well as lead or coordinate team meetings and trainings
  • Delegate to reports, yet at times work alongside team, serving reports as a hands-on manager
  • Identify areas for growth and improvement, set goals and lead teams to meet them
  • Lead initiatives and empower team to identify, move, group, and treat animals
  • Provide reporting to owners and other managers as needed
  • Attend manager meetings, contributing with a mindset for the farm at large
  • Consult with breeder, veterinarian and nutritionist as needed to make best animals care decisions
  • Fine tune herd management, including strategies to keep people first and improve financial performance
  • Maintain the milking, reproduction, nutrition, transition animals and youngstock programs
  • Monitor herd inventory, milk production and quality records
  • Manage fresh cow, mastitis control, vaccination and hoof care programs
  • Troubleshoot equipment and determine when service calls are needed
  • Maintain the hospital pen, carrying out culling and euthanasia needs
  • Initiate analysis for all sites to best determine treatment, feeding, breeding decisions
  • Maintain good public relations, always seeking communications between farmers and non-farmers


Work Relationships:

Report directly to the Ebert Family. Lead all managers and team members that oversee any animals at multiple sites. Work closely and maintain communication with site manager, crop managers, harvest facility, office manager, accountant and human resource team. Maintain external relationships with breeders, veterinarians and nutritionists.