This Parlor Maintenance Mechanic position is a full-time role at Ebert Enterprises overseeing all parlors, calf and maternity machinery. An individual who can work independently and contribute to our team by providing upkeep to machinery would be an ideal fit.



  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision, multi-task and adapt to change
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English required; ability to communicate in Spanish is ideal
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds, kneel, climb, stand and remain upright, walk, move, sit and remain stationary
  • Awareness of your work environment to ensure safe work practices
  • HVAC associate’s degree or hands on experience is required; additional low voltage knowledge is a plus


Work Relationships:

Supervised by the Parts Manager. Works closely and maintains communication with the third-party vendors, Maintenance Team, Site Manager, Head of Livestock, Accountant, Parlor Managers and Parlor Leads, Youngstock Manager, Maternity & Small Parlor Manager and Herd Team Manager.


Duties: Perform other related duties as assigned

  • Own areas of focus, priority to include:
    • Parlors and equipment rooms
    • Calves
    • Maternity
  • Safely work on and repair all machinery
  • Track the number of repairs to create and ensure long term solutions
  • Diagnose problems, perform repairs and complete documentation associated with repairs
  • Listen to and ask further questions to operators, inspect and troubleshoot mechanical issues
  • Contact external support if issues cannot be troubleshot in-house
  • Drive ownership of assigned areas to better understand Ebert Enterprises systems
  • Perform cleaning maintenance on machines as well as detect any early signs of needed repairs
  • Provide preventative instructions to operators
  • Maintain inventory of well used parts, place orders, review invoices and submit for payment
  • Maintain costs by using warranties, evaluating service and part options
  • Provide guidance and learning opportunities to leads or managers of these areas
  • Monitor water flowage throughout farm sites
  • Practice self-management (is on-time, works at a reasonable pace, maintains internal motivation)
  • Communicate work-related information with appropriate farm personnel
  • Work as a team member to solve problems and improve work processes
  • Work with co-workers in a friendly and professional manner


Work Schedule:

Full-time hours Monday through Friday. This position may need to help early mornings, into evenings or on occasional weekends if a key area goes down, this position will be the first call.



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