Pesticide Applicator and Heavy Equipment Operator


This combination position of applicating and operating is a full-time position that is a part of the cropping team at Ebert Enterprises. 


  • Strong attention to detail   
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision, multi-task and adapt to change
  • Ability to operate tractor, sprayer, haul-truck, 4-wheeler, semi-truck
  • Tolerate working in varying cool and warm conditions   
  • Applicator license and Class A CDL required; if currently do not have, Ebert Enterprises would help obtain
  • Driver’s license is required
  • Awareness of your work environment to ensure safe work practices   

Work Relationships:

Supervised by the Operations Manager. Works closely and maintains communication with the Conservation Coordinator, cropping and seasonal team. 


  • Safely operate all machinery
  • Understand how to use GPS technology
  • Assist is a variety of field work: hauling, chemical application, etc. 
  • Perform cleaning maintenance on machines as well as detect any early signs of needed repairs
  • Measure, mix and apply proper amounts of chemicals
  • Order needed supplies and keep inventory
  • Keep accurate records of chemicals applied
  • Complete scouting of fields (as time allows), looking to identify:
    • Insects
    • Weeds
    • Disease
    • Fertility issues
  • Carry out duties to support conservation initiatives
  • Practice self-management (is on-time, works at a reasonable pace, maintains internal motivation)
  • Communicate work-related information with appropriate farm personnel
  • Work as a team member to solve problems and improve work processes
  • Work with co-workers and landlords in a friendly and professional manner

Perform other related duties as assigned. 

Work Schedule:

Full-time hours fluctuate depending on the time of the year.  

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